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Welcome to the website of Marc Korman for Delegate.

I believe the most important issue facing District 16, Montgomery County, the state of Maryland, and the United States is the same: sustianable economic growth and prosperity. 

If the economy is strong, we will be able to invest and achieve many important goals which will improve our quality of life.  This includes cleaning and protecting our environment, rebuilding our infrastructure, and assisting those less fortunate.  

In Montgomery County, our economic success is built on our tremendously successful school system and our transportation network.  If we continue to support and improve these assets, our potential is limitless.

I am excited to be engaged in a campaign of ideas and hope you will use this website to learn my views on the important issues facing our community. 

If you have additional thoughts or would like to get involved in our campaign, please contact us!

Thank you,



What's New?

First Week Back

January 17, 2017Blog Post


The legislature has been back in Annapolis for one week.  The first few days of the session are like the first few days of a new school year.  Friends and colleagues reconnect, catch up, and discuss the exciting months ahead.  It is about this time that the real work begins.  Sleeves get rolled up, bill hearings begin, and in the case of the Appropriations Committee I serve on, the budget gets introduced.

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An Annapolis Agenda for 2017

January 11, 2017Blog Post

The 437th Session of the Maryland General Assembly convenes today.  Although the legislature only meets for 90 days, as your Delegate I work year-round to represent each of you and our district.  But the next 90 days will be a sprint of legislative productivity in Annapolis.

I will be called upon to consider and vote on numerous legislative issues during the session, many of which you may have read about in the news.  Below are some of the major issues on my own Annapolis agenda for the year.  Many of these issues will be the subject of future emails.

Ongoing Work

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WMATA-Metro Work Group 2017 Meetings

January 2, 2017Blog Post

The WMATA-Metro Work Group will reconvene during the 2017 legislative session.  Work Group co-chair Delegate Erek Barron (Prince George's County) and I are pleased to announce the tentative schedule.

Two major issues facing Metro will also be a significant focus for the session: addressing some of Metro’s budget problems and the formation of the new, federally mandated Metro Safety Commission.  

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Fundraising Deadline and District 16 Send-off

December 12, 2016Blog Post

The pre-legisative session fundraising deadline is less than one month away.

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November Update

November 14, 2016Blog Post

Another election has come and gone. Congratulations to all the winners from the presidency on down to the local school board.  But also my thanks to those who ran and lost.  Whatever their party or cause, those candidates threw their hats into the ring in order to improve their local, state, or national government.

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